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Jenny and Toby


The caption explains the codes listed on the calendar. Also, clicking on the class link gives additional information including dates, times and location (including a link to a map).

Code Key

The first part (one to three letters) of the codes indicates the town where the class is held:
B = Burlington
StA = St. Albans

The second part (two to four letters) indicates the level of the class:
LI = Level I, no experience expected
LII = Completed Level I class, or commensurate experience
LIII = Completed Level II classes, or commensurate experience

The third part of the code indicates the topic:
S = Smooth (Waltz, Foxtrot, Tango)
R = Rhythm (Rumba, Cha Cha, Merengue) (Level II Rhythm also includes Samba and Bolero)
N = Nightclub (Nightclub 2-Step, Swing and Salsa)
B = Bolero
C = Cha Cha
F = Foxtrot
H = Hustle
NC2S = Nightclub 2-Step
R = Rumba
S = Samba
T = Tango
W = Waltz
VW = Viennese Waltz

BLIS = Burlington, Level I, Smooth
StALIN = St Albans, Level I, Nightclub