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Viennese Waltz Routine

Camp Ta-Kum-Ta

5th Annual Benefit Partner Dance Showcase

Camp Ta-Kum-Ta

The fifth annual Camp Ta-Kum-Ta Benefit Partner Dance Showcase took place on Saturday,October 25th, 2008.

The Halloween Theme of the benefit was enhanced due to a partial power failure in the building that lead us to dance beneath flashlights...

We raised $4,472.02 for the camp!!


Tango, American
"Phantom of the Opera" by Roger Williams
Meg Albee and Kevin Laddison

"Hero" by Enrique Iglesias
Deb and Tim McCanna, Laurie and Al Sprano, Joanne Winter and Rick Codling

"Por La Primera Vez" by Jimmy Sabater.
Tammy Foster and David Nicasio

Foxtrot, group
"Little Red Riding Hood" by Sam the Sham and the Pharoahs
Students of First Step Dance
Mike and Chasity Wasco, Dileep Netrabile and Melodie Woodward, Monique St. George and Jim Mullally, Kathy Campbell and Ruth Brown, Mary Ann Roy and Bill Rock, Higley Harmon and Rosanne Greco, Randy and Deb Norris, Marcus Martinelli and Liane Bennett

Tango, International
"Santa Maria (Del Buen Ayre)" by the Gotan Project
David and Paula Schneider

English Country Dance, group
Dunsmuir Waltz by Bare Necessities, with musicians Peter Barnes, Earl Gaddis, Mary Lea & Jacqueline Schwab
Members of The Burlington Country Dancers
Bonnie Farrow, Tom Medve, Val Medve, Larry Rice, Joe Sykes, and Vicki

Foxtrot, International
"Makin' Woopee" performed by Rod Stewart and Elton John
Bill and Carolyn Pedrick

Lindy Hop, group
"My Baby's Sweet" recorded by The Swing Session
Members of Vermont Swings
Pamela Adams, Heather Anderson, Jennifer Blair, Michael Boucher, Katie DiPalma, Jessica Endres, Holly Esterline, Megan Favreau, Neil Johnson, Shirley McAdam, Megan McLoughlin, Deborah Nedde, Chris Nickl, Lorilee Schoenbeck, Basil Stetson, and Vickie Trihy

"Quando Quando Quando" sung by Michael Buble
Rachel Smith and Jason Kirkpatrick

Tango, Argentine
"Zorro Gris" -- Music by Rafael Tuegols, lyrics by Francisco García Jiménez.
Queen City Tango and Friends


East Coast Swing
"GI Blues" by Elvis Presley
Rosanne Greco and Higley Harmon

Salsa, group
Some song by some artist
Students of Salsalina
Tyler Crandall, Tammy Foster, James Grier, David Nicasio, Megan Stockomore, Sandrine Thibault

"Disco Inferno" by The Trampps
Liane Bennett and Marcus Martinelli

"El Esquinazo" - Music by Ángel Villoldo (1917), lyrics by Carlos Pesce & Antonio Polito
Queen City Tango and Friends

"Be Our Guest" from the movie Beauty and the Beast
Bill and Carolyn Pedrick

Viennese Waltz
"Keep Holding On" sung by Avril Lavigne
Rachel Smith and Jason Kirkpatrick

Tango Vals
"Desde el Alma" - Music by Rosita Melo (1911), lyrics by Homero Manzi & Víctor Piuma Vélez (1948)
Queen City Tango and Friends
Waltz, International
"Greensleeves" copyright 1999 Musica & Poesia and produced by Prandi Sound Records
David and Paula Schneider

Cha Cha, group
"Thriller" by Michael Jackson (Edited)
Students of First Step Dance
Jenny St. Onge, Chasity Wasco, Mike and Melaina Oak, Jim Mullally, Ruth Brown, Joshua Knox and Melanie Brown, Joyce Chase, Higley Harmon and Roeanne Greco, Marcus Martinelli and Liane Bennett, Kathy Campbell

Lindy Hop
"Heebie Jeebies" by The Puppini Sisters
Shirley McAdam and Chris Nickl

Camp TaKumTa Presentation


First Step Dance


Lane Press
Hanson Invesment Management
Vermont Swings
Messenger Print and Design


Hettena Wright Horton, CPA's, P.C.
Alder Brook Dental Associates, P.C.
Bernie Trembley
Champlain Club
Perrywinkles Fine Jewelry
Klinger's Bread Company
John Antram