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Viennese Waltz Routine

Camp Ta-Kum-Ta

3rd Annual Benefit Partner Dance Showcase

Camp Ta-Kum-Ta

The third annual Camp Ta-Kum-Ta Benefit Partner Dance Showcase took place on Friday, September 15th, 2006. We raised $5,300 for the Camp!!

Dance performances by First Step Dance

Group Cha Cha
Group Viennese Waltz


Group Merengue - Katie O'Connor, Carlos Rodriguez and friends
Como Baila by Grupo Mania

International Foxtrot - Bill and Carolyn Pedrick
"Every Time We Say Goodbye" - Words and Music by Cole Porter
Performed by Rod Stewart

Cha Cha - Rachel Smith and Jason Kirkpatrick
"El sol de la noche" from El agua de la vida

Waltz - Joe LaRose and Sarah LaMothe
Moon River by Henry Macini

Tango Vals - Doug and Noe Currier
"Pedacito de Cielo" (Homero Esposito/H Stamponi - E Francini) sung by Hector Vila

Group Samba line dance - Ballroom Nights
Ray and Sylvia Kingsbury, Corin Blanchard, John & Jane Corning, Miriam Granat, Rick Codling and Joanne Winter, Ormond Mongeon, Elizabeth Philips, Rachel Mergens
Hermano by Artist Unknown

Nightclub 2-step - First Step Dance
Jenny Lynch and Toby Fuller
One Thing by Finger Eleven

Group Lindy Hop - Vermont Swings
John Antram, Dennis Bache, Rain Banbury, Diane Colucci, Avram Halperin, Mark Hauser, Megan Heidkamp-Young, Marilynne Johnson, Kathie Kretzer, Ken Kretzer, Sheila Kunkle, Larry Levine, Nicole Losch, J. Bradley Materick, Shirley McAdam, John Nichols, Christian Nickl, Brenda Smith, Don Stevens, Vickie Trihy
"Whadaya Want?" recorded by Casey MacGill & the Spirits of Rhythm.
Choreography: Shirley McAdam & Chris Nickl

Milonga - Gerd Herschman and Tregea Bevan
Song 3, 6 or 8 from Carlos Di Sarli instrumentals

Bolero - Ballroom Nights
Elizabeth Phillips and Richard Codling
"Laplaya" by Mr. Guitar

Group Viennese Waltz - First Step Dance
Katie O'Connor and Amit Gupta, Jim Mullally and Kathy Campbell, Tim and Deb McCanna, Sarah Davis and Allan Cruz, Cartwright LaBerge and Marcus Martinelli, Toby Fuller and Ruth Brown, Eric Hanson and Jenny Lynch, Carmen Cormier and David Lansky
"Skin" by Rascal Flatts

--- Intermission ---

Group Arg. Tango - Queen City Tango
Hugo Martinez Cazon and Darienne Oaks, David Lansky and Carmen Cormier, Doug and Noe Currier, Patty Stock and Dennis Bache
"Tanguera" by Mariano Mores, arranged by Raul Jaurena

Salsa - Salsalina
Tammy Foster and David Nicasio
"Tambori" by Spanish Harlem Orchestra

Group Rumba - USADance Board
Bryan Bishop, Diane Colucci, Katie O'Connor, Ray Sokol
"Le Tu Parole" by Andy Fortuna

Quickstep - Joe LaRose and Sarah LaMothe
Let's Face the Music and Dance by Nat King Cole

West Coast Swing - Faye Grearson and Jean-Sylvain Negre
"unchain my heart" by Ray Charles, interpreted by Joe Cocker

Samba - Bill and Carolyn Pedrick
"Under The Sea" Words and Music by Howard Ashman and Alan Menken From the movie "Little Mermaid"

Viennese Waltz - Ballroom Nights
Rachel Mergens and John LaRochelle
"I'll be" by Edwin McKain

Group Cha Cha - First Step Dance
Katie O'Connor and Pradeep Thiagarajan, Jim Mullally and Kathy Campbell, A. Gary Reid and Deb McCanna, Sarah Davis and Allan Cruz, Cartwright LaBerge and Marcus Martinelli, Toby Fuller and Jenny Lynch, Mike and Melaina Oak
"Kiss" by Tom Jones

American Tango - Rachel Smith and Jason Kirkpatrick
"Tango Italiano"

Group Salsa - Salsalina
Judy Charles, Tyler Crandall, Tish DiRuocco, Tammy Foster, James Grier, Theresa Jean, Debbie Knapp, Sara LaCount, David Nicasio, Charles Norona, Nicole Norona, Patrick Ortiz, Steve Poulcot, Tanya Wheel
"La Pantera Mambo" by La 33

Lindy Hop - Shirley McAdam and Chris Nickl
"Walking the Chalk Line" recorded by The Starline Rhythm Boys.


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