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Carrie and Andrew

Tips for the Groom

Dance lessons can be a lot of fun! When else will you be able to be in control, to lead your wife around the dance floor, and show her off to your friends and families? Not only will you be in control, but your wife will love you even more for doing this with her!

Practice individual patterns first. Then, once you are comfortable, put them together into a routine that will incorporate all that you have learned. (Then practice forgetting the routine, just in case.)

Your arms are the picture frame that shows off your wife. Maintain a solid frame so that your wife can show her dance ability. Lead her firmly, but gently.

Keep time to the music. Listen for and keep time with the music. If you can't hear the beat in the music you will be dancing to, have your soon-to-be wife, or your dance teacher, help you.

Practice dancing in your wedding attire. You need to be certain that your clothes will not interfere with your dancing, and that you can move well enough to lead your wife.

Look up while dancing, not at your feet. Your feet will work if you don't look at them, and your new wife is more attractive anyway!

Remember that dancing, like marriage, is a team effort. Like the rest of your life together, each of you will have input into what the final product of your dance looks like.