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Carrie and Andrew

Tips for the Bride

Encourage your soon-to-be husband. Tell him how much you appreciate him learning to dance with you.

Practice dancing in your wedding or reception shoes. There is a lot of difference between walking and dancing, so you need to be certain that you can dance in your wedding shoes. If not, bring a different pair of shoes for your First Dance.

Practice dancing in a full skirt. Dancing in a full skirt is not the same as dancing with a thin skirt or slacks. Not only might the full skirt interfere with your dancing, but your husband might get disoriented by having all that fabric against his legs.

Check the length of your train, and that you can raise your arms in your wedding dress. Will you be able to dance with your skirt and train? Will you be able to raise your arms to do turns and spins? Know in advance so that you can plan your dance depending on your wedding dress.

Don't anticipate the routine. Even if you are doing a planned routine, don't anticipate the next pattern. Follow what your husband leads, even if it isn't what you had planned previously. Relax and follow your husbands lead!

Look up while dancing, not at your feet. Your feet will work if you don't look at them, and your new husband is more attractive anyway!

Have fun and smile! It's only dancing, after all!