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Carrie and Andrew

Dealing with Professionals

You will deal with various professionals while preparing for your First Dance as a married couple. Perhaps you will hire a dance instructor; perhaps a DJ, band or MC; or perhaps photographers or videographers. It is a very good idea to plan what each of these people will do for you.

Dance Instructor

Any dance instruction is better than none at all. Buying instructional videos is an inexpensive way to get ready for your First Dance. Going to group lessons gives you access to professionals and "forces" you to practice at least every week. Private Lessons and Workshops tend to be more expensive, but the personal contact is worth the extra money.


Prepare a script outlining how you want your first dance to progress. Where will the wedding party be located? Where will you enter the dance floor? Where will you leave the dance floor? Be certain that the music does not start until you are ready and give the signal. When will others enter the dance floor? In what order? Be certain that whoever is doing the announcing can pronounce everyone's names correctly.


Give them the same script as the DJ/MC/Band, but also tell them that you know how to dance! If possible, dance through the routine with them watching so that they will now when to take pictures. If there are two videographers, have one film the audience. Ensure that they don't stay zoomed in on your faces and loose what the rest of your bodies are doing!