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Social Dance Etiquette Your first dance Carrie and Andrew
Carrie and Andrew

Be a Success!

First Step Dance Classes

Attend all classes

Although we do begin each class with a review we will not have time to completely relearn everything each week. Things will come up, but the more you attend class, the more you will learn.

The right shoes

Wear leather soled shoes or dance shoes when dancing. Rubber soles will tend to stick to the floor making it difficult to move, especially when turning.

Rotate partners during class

A large studio chain compared new dancers who changed partners during class with those who did not and found that those who traded partners learned 30% faster. Why? Because every time a dancer trades partners they get to start over at the beginning while if you constantly dance with the same partner they can get stuck making the same mistakes over and over. In addition, if you change partners you get exposed to a wide variety of different skill levels. Then, at the end of the night you can dance with your preferred partner and show them all you have learned.

Compliment your group classes with private lessons

Although the group class will be quite comprehensive, you may find it useful to gain some one-on-one time to help perfect your steps and improve your lead or follow.

Attend dance socials

The best way to learn to do anything is to practice, and the best way to practice dancing is to get out and do it! Please plan to attend one of our Friday evening dances, or one of the monthly USADances held on the 3rd Saturday of each month.

Have fun!

Dancing gets easier as you practice and learn. Give yourself some time and you will be fabulous!